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"FaceTime" with your favorite stars

When your favorite star schedules a Q&A, submit your video question and get your friends to upvote your question. Star answers the top upvoted questions, and the entire Q&A session will be broadcast at the scheduled time. You can also have a blast interacting with other user via text for every star Q&A.

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What is StarTime?

StarTime is the plaform for stars to "FaceTime" with users. Stars, luminaries and famous people can video interact with their followers on smart phones, and control the monetization as well. We have built the StarTime platform for stars and their agencies to create "priceless" emotional connection with users from all social networks, while leveraging their massive follower base to generate top marketing dollar.

What social networks does StarTime support?

StarTime currently supports distribution on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How do users interact with stars?

When your favorite star schedules a Q&A, tweets and posts go out on behalf of the star. Followers tap on the link in the tweet or FB post to record a 15 second video ques on and then submit it. Users share with friends and followers to get as many upvotes for their question as possible. Users then join the live Q&A session to find out if the star answered their question.

Which user questions get answered?

User questions with highest number of upvotes have the greatest chance of getting answered by the star.

Are StarTime videos available for anyone to watch?

Anyone can join StarTime sessions from links on social networks. If you open the app you will see active StarTime sessions in progress and you can join any session of interest.

What is Talk Show?

Talk Show allows users to interact with stars over live video or live audio for 60 seconds.

How do users interact with stars on Talk Show?

During the star’s live session, the star can invite users to talk. Users will have to tap the icon to request to talk to the star. The star will then select a lucky user to interact with for 60 seconds.

What is Townhall?

Townhall is a geo-fenced “FaceTime” broadcast that allows users in the geo-fenced area to ask questions. Everyone else in the world can tune in but cannot ask questions.

Why can’t I see or hear myself when recording questions?

You must allow the app to access your camera and microphone to be able to record video questions. Or if you have an outdated app, you need to update it in order for it to work.